With An Abundance Of Grace and Mercy

This week, I was getting lunch for a take-out order and I recognized the attendant was agitated. She was somewhat unfriendly and unwelcoming. There were a couple of people with me and as our server went to get our meals, you could see the added frustration on the customers.

With a few of us in the room I said, “I believe our server is stressed”. They all agreed, and we switched our conversation to why we were receiving this type of approach from our server.

We determined our server was worried and stressed about the future of employment, finances, and health. Is my job going to be here tomorrow? Will I earn enough tips to pay my bills? Am I going to get sick with the virus? When will this all get better?

All of these questions are legitimate. The unknown is very scary and it causes people to act differently than if they were not under such extreme pressures.

By the way, our server is an excellent person. Just worried and stressed. This is not isolated to one location or restaurant. Everyone is on edge and quick to be reactionary.

During these next few weeks, I want to challenge you to walk through life “with an abundance of Grace and Mercy.”

Grace is the act of unmerited favor. Mercy is withholding deserved punishment. The server was agitated, so she deserved a little attitude back. This would not be response of Grace & Mercy.

Perhaps Psalms 145: 8-9 could impart some wisdom into our lives: “The Lord is gracious, and full of compassion, slow to anger, and of great mercy. The Lord is good to all: and his tender mercies are over all his works.

Give more grace than deserved, withhold punishment or a negative response, as I am sure each one of us would prefer mercy.

These next few weeks would be a great time to “Walk with an Abundance of Grace and Mercy.”

Pastor Ron Smith